Healthy and tasty dining

Everyone dreams of delighting and indulging their taste buds while at the same time improving their health and figure.

Those who believe that “you are what you eat” will find, at our Che Fresco restaurant, the balance and harmony of macrobiotic dishes, the exquisiteness and innocence of vegetarian and vegan recipes, the intriguing flavours of our ancestral traditional cuisine, prepared and designed by Gabriella’s skills.
Everything here comes from natural organic produce, for instance our homemade pasta is prepared with flour from local grains freshly stone-milled by us and achieved by the culinary art of Irene, our chef for the last thirty-three years, while our bread, sweets and cakes spring from Italia’s magical baking talents.
At night it’s a pleasure to sit outdoors at the “Che Fresco” lounge, sipping a cocktail or a good local wine accompanying Mediterranean specialities. Our passion for natural foods is supported and enticed by traditional and savoury dishes like ravioli, fusilli, lasagne and parmigiane.
Farmer friends using no poisons grown for us the ingredients of our cuisine.
"LaSalvia" of Sforzacosta (Mc) is our main provider for grains, legumes and organic pasta.
Oil-preserved pickles come from “Azienda Agricola Maida di Paestum”, Controne beans from Mr. Michele Ferrante, Cicerale chickpeas from Mr.Carmine Cafaro, salamis from Gigino of Gioi Cilento, organic oil from cooperativa Nuovo Cilento of S.Mauro Cilento and Agrioil of Roscigno.

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